Red Sox Brock The Casbah


When The Sox decided to designate Ryan Roberts for assignment and call up Brock Holt it couldn’t have been a tough decision, Roberts was awful in his time here his glove was far below average and I can’t be that generous about his bat. Meanwhile Holt had been ripping the cover off the ball in AAA and the team needed a shot in the arm..

Paging Doctor Holt Doctor Brock Holt

Holt was scorching the ball in Pawtucket .380/.446/.600. In 50 PA he had 6 doubles a tripe and a round tripper. Scoring 11 runs and driving in 3. And when he got the call the twenty five year old didn’t miss a beat, in two starts at third he is three for seven with 2 clutch RBI and has played better D than anyone else holding space for Will “The Thrill” Middlebrooks.

Am I saying this kid is going to take Will’s job? NO, Middlebrooks is the man; there is no reason to think this trip to the DL is a precursor to a switch at the hot corner, what this does show me is that the Sox bench might not be as skeletal as I had previously thought. Holt is swinging a hot bat can play three dirt spots and that’s a nice talent to have on a team that’s bench is about as svelte as Dick Gregory


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Butchie says: Time to Pay the Fiddler Papi

APTOPIX Blue Jays Red Sox Baseball

Well before anyone was thinking about spring training David Ortiz was chirping into the ears of anyone with a BBWAA card that he wanted a new contract, Butchie and I saw this coming a mile away, after all that’s what Big Papi does. What he also does is hit mammoth home runs-clutch shift beating singles and Monster pounding doubles to drive in the guys filling the base paths in front of him. So we cut him slack every year when the inevitable “I need an extension” talk comes.

Last season, David hit an amazing .500 in April. The Big man had 3 HR and 6 Doubles in his bag this time last year – did we expect that this season? Hell No, but what we didn’t expect was an April where he is batting a meager .224 and .179 vs Righties – yes, .179. While most people are talking about what’s happening in front of David (IE who bats leadoff) no one is talking much about the Big Man batting cleanup. David is famous for complaining about his protection in the lineup, but that argument doesn’t hold water when Mike Napoli is stroking at a .304 clip with 3 round trippers and a team-leading 9 RBIs.

The problem is two fold – Papi is not going the other way with anything. Every swing is a Jack attempt and he is pulling balls into an ever deepening shift on the right side. Then you add in the pitchers counts that David has been working against – in 63 AB this season, David has been down 0-1 33 times and 0-2 in 13. Hitter’s counts have been few and far between for the Big Man this season. With a combined 9 plate appearances when he has worked a 2-0, 2-1, or 3-1 count. If it wasn’t for the aforementioned .179 BA against righties I wouldn’t think much of it, but when you’re a lefty of David’s prowess who had put slow starts to seasons in your distant past, I have to wonder what’s going on…

There is no DH in baseball as good as David Ortiz, there also isn’t a DH who has meant as much to his team as David Ortiz or one paid as handsomely as David Ortiz. You asked for security, Papi and the team gave it to you – now is the time to show us all we are still paying you for what you can do and not what you have done.

you can que the ” this place is Turning into the Shit Hole it used to be” comments now

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Butchie Says: A Win is a Win – Right ? Wrong


You probably don’t know this but the White Sox tossed a no hitter last night in Chicago. It’s True , after tree fist inning hits and a run scored that made us all think “ Here we Go” Boston’s Big Bogged Down Bats went 0 for their next 34, Johnny Gomes came through with a dribbler to third snap streak in the ninth, impressive huh ? Yea no not so much.. In-Between Pedrioa’s double in the first and the last out the of last night debacle the Sox managed to work 15 walks, Xander Bogaerts got his Fist RBI then did his best Bad News Bears Rudy Stein Impression and got hit twice but even with all that traffic it took 14 innings and a utility infielder on the bump to hang 6 runs on the Chi-Sox .
The Chi-Sox

I don’t know about you but I’m tired of the main steams excuses, Its Cold, They’re Tired, They’re banged up.. My god they sound like Little League Mothers… well guess what mom everyone in the league is playing in the cold. Everyone in the league played 162 games last year 20 more shouldn’t be this big of a deal and everyone is hurting .. Tampa, NY, Baltimore are all worse off than the Sox when it comes to guys on the shelf and yet they are all at or above .500

The Pitching staff while not lights out every night has come up more than adequately keeping this team in the game almost every night 3.40 ERA on the season and the pen has done an even better job than the rotation. There is no reason for this team to be 6-9 and three games back.

O-34 against Guidry-Koufax and Palmer? No 0-34 against the likes of Danks-Balisario-Downs – Cleato. And VEAL? Yea Veal … Get in the cage get in the film room get the bats off your shoulders and while you’re at it get a clue, before this season gets out of hand


Jon Lester’s Final season in a Sox Uniform? Butchie says not so fast

Jon Lester

Ken Rosenthal misleadingly wrote today for FOX that

“This is looking more and more like left-hander Jon Lester’s last season with the Boston Red Sox.

The Red Sox’s most recent offer to Lester was far below market value — four years for between $70 million and $80 million, according to sources within the team’s clubhouse.”

Butchie says: Not so Fast Mister. Yes that offer was made to Lester’s reps in early negotiations during spring training. Not long after Jon told a throng of reporters everything they like to hear when a stud is about to hit free agency.

I love Boston. I never want to play anyplace else, I’ll take a home town discount yadda- yadda-yadda yes I’m paraphrasing I have better things to do than go back in search of exact quotes from a man who is just playacting the main stream.

The bottom line is this. Lester is the best pitcher in the Sox organization and maybe after Pedro the most important pitcher in their history. No one has come up bigger or brighter when the post season spotlights are shining their brightest.Jon has never had any arm or shoulder issues and is still at an age you build a staff around. So while Mr. Rosenthal may chose to play the Free agency looming terrorist threat card (Relax NSA I’m just making a point) with you all I’m here to let you know. There is no need to panic. Both sides have simply taken a step away from the table but that in no way means they wont come back to it and possibly as soon as the All Star break to hammer out this extension that will keep Lester here for the next five to six years…

In Short , Butchie Says : RELAX


Sizemore It’s Time to Move On

Grady 2

Yes the honeymoon is over but no one is talking divorce here kids relax… I wrote waay back when that my initial plan was to ease Gready Sizemore back into this season, well with Shane on the shelf Grady is easing about as well as an un-greased wheel at this point. But I digress. After watching our retread centerfielder work his magic over the past week I am convinced Its time to move Mr. Sizemore………………… to left field

In just the past three nights Grady has come close to breaking his neck on a shot to center he slammed into the wall trying to ( and not) catching and last night he misplayed a can of corn that I would have had a little leaguer running laps for missing ,that would have ended a terrible inning for Felix Doubront (don’t get me started on Doubront). While we all were marveling over the spring at Grady’s bat speed and timing at the plate what we didn’t realize was the speed and muscle memory it takes to play defense, this is something that is going to take time. more time than this Sox pitching staff has right now..


Meanwhile over in right Jackie Bradly has been playing a stellar defensive game , tracking down balls like he has a magnet in his glove. These things we expected fron the rookie. What we didn’t expect was his bat to quite as far along. Right now Jackie is belting .400 and has an OPS .900 GOOD GOD , no this isn’t going to continue but the talent to hit big league pitching is there.


I recall tweeting out after Grady slammed into the wall Monday
(that will shake the rust off ) well , not enough.. not yet anyway.. There is no doubt in my mind Grady belongs on this team and should be a part of the every day lineup. I just feel moving him to left and letting Say Hey JBJ take over the big field is the only way to go.. and once Hula Hustle comes off the DL an outfield of Sizemore JBJ and Victorino sounds pretty daunting.


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Sox, Shut Out-Swept and Shallow


Nine Hits No Runs and no help on the way … The Sox fell to two and four yesterday after the Brewers swept their way through Boston.It’s Just six games Murph, what are you worried about … I’m worried because the Sox are to passive at the plate, striking out like mad, have no depth, are shelving players at about one per three game clip. Also don’t score runs for their ACE… That’s what I’m worried about.


Johnny Gomes has Eight K’s in Eighteen AB…. Napoli ?Nine in Twenty-three, JBJ Four in Twelve and AJ Pierzynski has Four in Sixteen yea I know it seems like a LOT more but just four. I checked – three times.… The Sox batted .202 and struck out Twenty Seven times over the weekend while managing just eight walks. These are not good numbers for a team that works counts and gets into bullpens.. Something else the Sox didn’t manage to do last week. Big Johns boys couldn’t manage a single walk yesterday and were 0 for 7 with RISP.


Jon Lester has made two starts this season and the Sox have scored ONE run for him. Lester’s cutter is cutting his fastball is dancing and he is striking out opponents like they play for, well BOSTON. in sixteen innings of work and eighteen total we can’t push more than a run across for the man? This is where too patient at the plate can kill you.. Men on base and you’re standing at the dish like a statue talking balls right down Mass Ave? Work that Count people work that count .. The sox left fifteen men on base Sunday.. Sorry Jonny


Will Middlebrooks joined Shane Victorino on the shelf over the weekend with a calf strain, further exposing what I said this spring that the Sox bench is thin, the left side is tracing paper thin. At this point Victorino’s timely hitting is missed far more than the misused Middlebrooks’ (Ninth really Farrell Ninth) slugging potential but it further illustrates the front offices lack of foresight as to the top of the order. When depending on a talented but aging vet who spends not a lot of time on the DL but misses games and AB’s because of his style of play.

True its six games. Will this trend of untimely K’s and lack of run production continue? I don’t think so. Will the DL shelf stay this crowded all season I hope not. One thing is for sure. When you’ve won three World Series titles in the past decade fans and writers aren’t as forgiving as when you’ve won one in Eighty Six .. at least Butchie and I aren’t


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Patriot’s Belichick hangs the “Gone Fishing” sign

BB Boat

Let’s get one thing straight…Don’t Call me Ismail. I know I am no Melville, nor am I comparing myself to Hemingway, but I do have a tale to tell you all today. While there is no White Whale to be hunted; there is a fishing saga being played out here in New England.

Yesterday, Bill Belichick and the Patriots brought in two of the biggest fish in this years QB draft class (Teddy Bridgewater and Johnny Manziel) for interviews. Pretty big news considering both will be well off the board when the Pats select at Pick 29. Of course, the talking heads took this story and ran with it – filling the air waves with talk of a Perfect Draft Storm and trading up for one of “The guys” as the Pats search for the NEXT Tom Brady. After all, the biological clock has been ticking like granddads Timex for about three years now.

So here comes talk of “The Need”. The Pats need the next guy…the franchise man who can carry New England to future glory in the way Tommy Terrific has done. Let me clue you all in on a secret – it’s not going to be Manziel or Bridgewater. What is the more feasible answer to these visits – the Pats trading up to roll the dice here or getting to know as much as they can about two QB’s who just might be a part of your division schedule for the next five or ten years? I’m going with the latter.

This was a fishing trip people – that’s all. The Patriots are finally looking at the fish they have in the boat and not what they might need in their tackle box for the next trip.