Don’t Trade Buchholtz?


Don’t Trade Buchholtz? You people are talking about Clay Buchholtz? Right? There isn’t anther Buchholtz that I don’t know about in the Red Sox organization is there? We are talking about the arm of clay here. Okay just wanted to clear this up before I asked my next question. Are you people nuts?

Yes Buchholtz is in another one of his amazing life affirming Jesus its good to be alive and a Red Sox fan type of runs. We’ve seen this before in 2010 when he finished 17-7 with a minuscule 2.33 ERA and again in 2013 when he blasted out of the gates to a 9-0 start, the problem with 2010 is it was followed by 2011 and 2013 was an unfinished masterpiece, as Buchholtz made just six starts after June first. That’s the real issue here. We are dealing with a man so fragile not only in body but also in mind that you never know when the ride will come to an end. Just that it will, sure some will say that his contract alone is worth keeping him around. Buchholtz is on one of the friendlier contract the Sox hold. Set to make 12 million this season 13 next and just 13.5 the year after. Which would be amazing if you could count on him for 30 starts a season (something he’s never done) over those next three years, but like his average salary his average starts also hover around the mid teens mark. Making more than 25 trips to the hill just 3 times over his nine-year career.

When Buchholtz is on is his stuff borderline amazing? Yes. Is his contract team friendly? In this day and age it’s a French kiss. But there isn’t a pitcher I can remember in all my years of watching the Sox that is more a head-case than he is, there is no greater proof of the Butterfly-Affect than he is. Buchholtz is riding high and Cherington is rolling the dice every time he takes the mound. That, that butterfly’s wings wont beat again, that’s a losing proposition. Trade him now. Use that enticing talent and contract to bring in another Eddie Rodriguez or real Ace to anchor this staff. Stop betting that the wind won’t blow.

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Red Sox: Its time to get Radical


Its fine for Ken Rosenthal to toss out trade demands and call for fumigation of club houses but I like you live here in the real world and quite frankly no one wants the contracts Kenny wants to ship off to god knows where. Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval are here and what the Sox need to do is make things work not only for this season, but the next four. So what do Benny and his brain trust need to do? I’ll tell you.

Trade Swihart

Call Ruben Amaro and bring Cole Hamels back in a package that includes the player he has wanted from the get go. I like Blake I think he could be a very good catcher but he isn’t ready. Christian Vasquez is, okay fair enough he’s on the sidelines so no he isn’t ready but he will be back next season and from what I’ve seen going forward I would rather have Vasquez behind this plate than Swihart.

DFA Napoli

We are three months into this season and with the exception of teams who have traded him in the past Naps hasn’t hit. AT ALL, The time has come, the O-Fors are piling up like last January’s snow-banks on Boylston. No one likes this idea I cringed a bit while typing it. But the keystrokes had to be made.

Fat Guys play first:

Move Sandoval across the diamond now. I wrote way back when that it was stupid to ink a player to a deal this big when the second line of every article written about him was how he could be moved to first in 2 years, well the times come already. I’m not going to bore you with WAR numbers you have eyes. The move needs to be made now.

Brock Take Over:

Its time to give Brock Holt an every day shot at one position and I think that spot is the recently vacated third base, Enough said right? Right

Send Castillo Down:

Yes people I asked for patience. I didn’t ask for him to be sat and sat and sat. Rusney isn’t learning to play this game from John Farrell’s bench if Big John isn’t going to play this kid everyday then pack up the Porsche and set the Sat-Nav for Pawtucket. He needs to raise his IQ and that’s not going to happen sitting the pine. Send him down put him in Left to learn that spot and get ready for 2016. When Hanley takes over at DH


I know what Farrell said last week. I don’t care. I know Jackie Bradley has not proven it at the big league level. I don’t care. But just for the glove work alone get Bradley back in Boston. “ JBJ” is hands down the best defensive outfielder I’ve seen in 30 years, maybe the best I’ve ever seen. Sorry I get romantic thinking about Dwight Evens patrolling Right field. Right now Jackie’s glove is being wasted in AAA and batting .335/. 406/. 497 for Pawtucket. Just do it. Put him in right field or better center and moving Mookie to Right. Bask in the beauty of defense.

Sit the Big guy?

David Ortiz, David Ortiz, I’m thinking people. Yes I don’t always have the answers to my own questions. Yes Ortiz is batting just .122 against lefties this season. All of his HR have come off right-handers. He’s batting just .200 on the road and .218 during the day and, and, and. And I just don’t know. I would like to sit him against lefties and take Ramirez out of Left on those days. But I just don’t know. Ortiz is having his best month of the season.270 in June and has hit more HR and has more RBI already this month than in April or May. I just don’t know. Lets see how this home stand plays out

That’s it folks this is what I think, needs to be done. I could have called for the head of John Farrell and banished Cherington to the basement but hey I did that last week and I’m anything but redundant

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A Serious Question for the Red Sox

A Serious Question for the Red Sox

We are sixty-five games into this 2015 MLB season. Even if Dustin Pedroia is tired of the media and their “Bull Shit”, I have a serious question for everyone who goes to work on Yawkey way. Yes everyone – from John Henry to Ben Cherington to John Farrell to every player who has stepped onto that same hallowed field wearing BOSTON across their chest. Just one question:


Yes that was said in my Samuel L. Jackson, Pulp Fiction voice. Once you get past all the stat-geek money ball terms, baseball is a simple language to speak, but it seems from John Henry on down not a single person in this organization can form a complete sentence. I’m not talking about just the players on the field with their bungled plays missed signs and refusal to hit with runners in scoring position, but every single front office, scouting department, player development and coaching staff member employed by the Fenway Sports Group.

As it sits right now, the Red Sox sit 29th in all of MLB in pitching, 24th in batting and 17th in fielding. Seventeenth – I guess that’s the good news, and dead last in front office competence.

The front office people spend wildly, tossing big dollars at hopes and dreams of rediscovering Manny or finding the next Jon Lester. Instead of keeping known quantities, they let them walk based on misguided advice churned out by a computer and roll the dice on free agent names whose stats are clearly in decline. Baseball knowledge seems to take a back seat again in making these choices, computer simulations prove their assumptions that while they may look ridiculous to you or me, this player will produce at Fenway. Extensions to unproven arms are handed out like tic tac’s to justify trades before its know if the player can cut it on this stage. Instead of drafting players at positions of need they simply take the best athlete they can find, and just move them – Clueless.

This team is just plain sloppy, and I don’t mean in the good dirt-dog way where hats are covered in pine tar and shirt are semi-tucked and unbuttoned. I mean from top to bottom as an organization it’s a mess. It needs to be blown up and a new foundation needs to be poured.That foundation starts with a true president of baseball operations, a new scouting department, a real philosophy and yes a linguist.

Go on John Henry Say What Again, I DARE YOU I DOUBLE DARE YOU!

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At Least Red Sox Nation Has Rodriguez


There’s been a void in my life – an emotional void. A void so big I was tempted to call in a favor from the Pope and get this 2015 Red Sox season annulled. There were grounds. Trust me, I was supposed to be the family priest, so I know them well. Now, I can’t even do that. Eddie has ruined any chance of me getting out of this relationship with the 2015 Boston Red Sox and still be good with the church of baseball.

You all know me by now. I’m not going to bore you with the mundane details of Mr. Rodriguez’ third trip to the mound. We aren’t going to jump in the way-back machine with Mr. Peabody and go over how no pitcher had done this since when. Or he’s the first to go this far-allowing that-while striking out how many and walking this few in his first three. No, I refuse. It takes away from the joy. I know that for many, baseball is about these amazing feats. Unlike football or basketball or cricket for all I know, the stats mean something in this game, but in the case of Eduardo Rodriguez – they seems to cheapen it. Quoting stats like so many grasp to feels like leaving a couple of hundred dollars on the night stand or giving her cab fair home. It just makes it dirty.

In his fist two starts, Rodriguez was cool calculating and beautiful to watch. He was GQ smooth. Last night, he ran into trouble and became brawling, imaginative and anything but GQ Smooth, but he was still beautiful to watch. With men on in the forth, he got the double play he needed. His strike out of Adam Jones in the fifth was so huge Rodriguez couldn’t control his own emotions and slapped his glove in victory as he walked off the field. Even Jones had to smile at the 22 year olds joy. At the time it seemed the All-Star knew the youngster wasn’t trying to show him up, but was simply sharing in a moment he shared with us.

Ben Cherington Screwed up a lot at the deadline last season. There is a ton Red Sox Nation will be able to take him to task for over the next few years – but getting this Kid for Andrew Miller – that isn’t one of them.

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Red Sox Need to Remember: Patients is a Virtue


Rusney Castillo had A-nother terrible day at the plate yesterday in fact he had two terrible days at the plate 0-5 with four strikeouts, and is now just 8-38 at the plate since his much anticipated call up. Eight For Thirty-Eight. Relax people, Relax.

With any ballplayer no matter their talent level there is a period of adjustment and that period comes at every level of play. For a player coming here from Cuba you have to adjust that that time of adjustment, yes that’s a lot of adjusting. But there is no reason to believe this kid wont be able to make the corrections he needs to not just succeed but excel at the Major league level. You have to remember Castillo not only has to learn the pitchers in MLB but the umpires. I’m not just talking about the horrible CB Buckner’s of the world but the good umpiring crews as well. He needs to learn that a strike three call in the third inning no matter how bad he thinks it is will be a strike again in the sixth and eighth, after all he’s the rookie, he isn’t getting the call Dustin Pedroia is at the plate, that comes with time and respect. There isn’t an umpire in the world that respects the eye of Rusney Castillo, Yet.
MLB: Boston Red Sox at Pittsburgh Pirates

That Yet will change in time, what the sox need to do is be patient, I don’t want to see Rusney sitting on the bench for head clearing days or worse put on the Pawtucket shuttle to get his swing right, his swing is right, its time in the box he needs time in a MLB box learning the MLB umpires, surrounded by MLB talent that can help him grow into the future All Star this team and the world saw before they signed him.

Call Cooperstown Here Comes Eddie Rodriguez


Seven and Two Thirds Scoreless innings. Alert the media, wake up the kids, Okay overtime for the nickname writers. Eduardo Rodriguez has arrived.

There is absolutely no reason to believe that Eduardo Rodriguez shouldn’t be a permanent fixture in this Red Sox rotation. After all no one has done what he did in a Sox uniform since 1967. But will he? I’m not so sure. The Sox are in the midst of a killer set of games in days 20/20 and arms are needed, I wouldn’t be shocked if Rodriguez is sent down for another bullpen arm. Does this mean he wont be back up here in 5 days to again dazzle hitters and opposing pitching coaches who have no book on this kid yet? Not at all. That’s what you do with kids with options to spare even if they have stuff to burn. There is no denying that he has the poise and the talent to be here, there is nothing for him to prove at AAA and hasn’t been for sometime, this kid is electric. At the time of the Andrew Miller trade I couldn’t understand what the Orioles were thinking in giving up this talent for a two-month rental. If only Benny had spent his allowance better and brought Miller back that would have been a sight to see last night, Rodriguez leaves the mound and Miller takes it. Oh well. Lets digress

Do I want to see the kid never get on a plane that isn’t headed to a big league city Hell yes. Am I positive that wont happen and he isn’t riding a bus to some obscure AAA mini city? No I’m not. This is the way the game is played. Guys with options ride the shuttle no matter how good. Could this change with another “five ace’s” meltdown? Damn Skippy it could but I hope Kelly and company go out and pitch like guys who say. Not My Spot. Trust me we are going to see this kid again and soon. Just don’t go off the deep end if you hear he’s boarding a flight for Pawtucket. 7 2/3 scoreless-three hits-two walks and seven strikeouts. trust me Like MacArthur or the Rolling Stones, this kid shall return.

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Kraft’s statements don’t admit Any Wrongdoing.

Buried within the Wells report was one crystal clear statement – camouflaged between lawyer speak, innuendo, omissions and pumped up fee’s was one fact. The New England Patriots organization and Bill Belichick had nothing to do with Deflate Gate.


“We found no wrongdoing by Patriots ownership, coach Bill Belichick and his assistants.”

And yet the Pats were hit with the steepest fines ever levied by the NFL – One Million Dollars and a loss of a first and forth round draft pick. Why? Why if they had no knowledge or contributed to any wrongdoing were they fined? Simple, one had nothing to do with the other.

Troy Vincent wrote in his statement to the Patriots:

“In accepting the findings of the report, we note that the report identified no evidence of wrongdoing or knowledge of wrongdoing on the part of any member of the coaching staff, including Head Coach Bill Belichick, or by any Patriots’ staff member other than Mr. Jastremski and Mr. McNally, including head equipment manager Dave Schoenfeld. Similarly, the Wells report is clear that Patriots ownership and executives did not participate in any way in the misconduct, or have knowledge of the misconduct.”

Vincent also added:

“Although we do not hold the club directly responsible for Mr. Brady’s refusal to cooperate, it remains significant that the quarterback of the team failed to cooperate fully with the investigation. Finally, it is significant that key witnesses – Mr. Brady, Mr. Jastremski, and Mr. McNally – were not fully candid during the investigation.”

Here’s the rub. The Patriots were never fined for anything that had to do with deflate gate but the perception by Wells and by extension Goodell – wait I mean, umm, Troy Vincent, that team employees didn’t fully cooperate with the investigation. Therefore Goodell could toss his “failure to cooperate” blanket at Bob Kraft and the Patriots. Did he have to do this? No, but Goodell is the ultimate ass-hat who just had to show the rest of the league he was a tough guy and that while any fine or suspension tossed at Brady would/will most likely get reduced on appeal or overturned in court, Kraft would have to set himself up as the villain, suing his partners, thirty other billionaires and the Packers and still most likely lose. Kraft wasn’t going to do this. So in essence what Kraft did yesterday was say – we accept the fact you think the team and three of our employees didn’t cooperate to the degree you thought proper.

So to anyone who thinks Kraft’s statement was an admission of guilt – you’re dead wrong. It was simply an acceptance of someone else’s perception of what cooperation is.

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