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So, keep it as clean as you possibly can, .Pamela will read the question live on air, and answer it! We are doing this event in hopes to raise money for The Pan Mass Challenge and a rider that is participating in the Challenge, Chris Villani. This year will mark Chris’s 5th year riding in this event. His goal for this ride is to raise 4’500 to help this amazing charity. At some point in our lives we have all known someone who has had cancer, and was fortunate enough to over come it, or wasn’t able to beat the disease. Money raised will help find new innovative treatments to help people increase their chances of fighting cancer.

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Pan Mass Challenge! Riding to find a Cure!


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Red Sox – $156 Million Buys Them a Run – Yeah one Run

APTOPIX Blue Jays Red Sox Baseball

At one point last night, I thought I was watching the Little League World Series as
Wei-Yin Chen was shutting down Red Sox batters like a 14 year old Taiwanese hurler does 12 year old kids from Sunnydale California. When he wasn’t striking out the most overpaid group in MLB, he was forcing them to hit into double plays. While Ruby De La Rosa was digging a hole you could hide the Great Wall of China in, Chen sat the first 11 Sox batters down in order – six by way of K’s.

One run and 12 hits in three games was all this $156 million dollar group of professionals could manage against Norris, Tillman and Chen – a Baltimore rotation that could never be confused with Palmer, Dobson and Cuellar the boys of ‘72. One run in 27 innings – it has been worse, but not much worse.

The Sox come home tonight to face the Tribe with Jon Lester looking to get back to .500. Maybe, just maybe, some home cooking can wash away the taste of crab cakes and defeat.

Red Sox Nation Has Questions Do The Sox Have Answers


Win some, loose some…Most of Red Sox Nation would take that right about now. For most of this year, the Sox have been mired in a win one, loose some, and then loose some more vortex that no one thought possible back in April. But here we are looking at a Red Sox team 7 games under .500. Propped up by a seven game winning streak they are 4-6 in their last ten, still looking for answers to questions that quite frankly I’m tired of asking. Questions like:

What is Steven Drew doing here?

Maybe Ben thought the almost 80 million dollars the Red Sox have paid the Drew family just wasn’t enough and they needed another 10 million to make their retirement as comfy as possible. A more likely scenario is that moving Bogaerts to third makes life easier for Deven Marrero (another short stop who can’t hit – and by the way, like Drew and Bogaerts – is a Boras client) to reach the show. but with his .074 average and the fact that he was shelved after playing his first set of back to back games, it proves he wasn’t ready to be on this roster.

Where does Will Middlebrooks fit in the lineup when he is healthy again?

Maybe Ben plans to platoon him at third and just shift Xander back and forth between the hot corner and Short. Messing with both their heads and swings, or if we get lucky Drew the younger will keep whining about his tummy and Middlebrooks will get third all to himself. Either way he will be buried in the 7 or 8 spot in Jon Farrell’s lineup. More likely, Will gets shipped back to Pawtucket and this lineup remains in deep need of POP.

Can we send out an Amber alert for Shane Victorino?

Honestly. When the hell will Shane get on the field? I’m getting tired of seeing his smiling mug in the dugout night after night and getting little sound bites about he is taking swings in the cage or he shagged a fly ball. I’m sorry, but you walk into camp with “Core Issues” (what the hell are core issues?), missed the first 22 games of the season with a strained hammy, played in 22 games (I’ll be damned if I can recall three of them), and now it’s been the tub club since the 23rd of May? It’s a hammy, you’re being paid 13 million dollars this year – rub some Ben Gay on it, wrap that puppy, grow a pair…and get on the field.

Why can’t this team draft and develop OF Power?

Maybe I’m jaded, maybe I ask too much after growing up in the age of Rice, Lynn and Evans – but if you aren’t going to go out and sign long term deals with free agents, and you are going to horde prospects like a squirrel does nuts, you sure as hell had better choose to draft a few free swinging HR hitters to patrol left right or center. And I wouldn’t wait until the 6th and 10th rounds like you did again this year. Passing on talents like Braxton Davidson, Derek Fisher and Mike Papi to take, guess what? Another SS, brilliant just bloody brilliant.

That’s it people. Those are a few of the questions I’m sick of asking and not getting any answers too…how about you?

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Kapernick Kashes In ,, Tom Brady ? Could Care Le$$

Tom_brady.jpg 22

So the big news this week in the NFL is Colin Kapernick’s new 126 million dollar contract. Of course the big news here in New England is how this deal affects Tom Brady. I can tell you with a great deal of certainty that it doesn’t affect Tom at all.

In this day and age of players feeling respected by the amount of zeros attached to the back end of a one or two, Tom Brady has repeatedly settled for less – in fact, much less than his peers. So why now is it supposed to upset (arguably) the greatest quarterback of his generation that a kid, be it talented kid, cash in? Because people – media people to be exact – seem to think that Tom thinks the way the rest of the athletic landscape does…SHOW ME THE MONEY.

As I said and Tom has proven, it’s not about the cash for him. For years lesser QBs have been inked to these deals and Tom lets it run off his back like a duck would a sun shower. Why you ask? Good question – I love when you guys ask good questions. To start, Tom knows his legacy is tied to nothing but Superbowl victories, not contract victories. Secondly, we are talking about a man who is worth north of 100 Million Dollars. One Hundred Mill – that’s a huge number…a number that pales in respect to his Supermodel wife, who is worth $250 Million herself…that’s a family fortune in the range of $350 plus mill. So to borrow a line from the great Gordon Gekko…“We aren’t talking about flying first class here and being comfortable. We are talking Liquid”.

That’s what Tom and Giselle are folks – “Liquid”. They live in a world we can’t fathom. Build a 22 million dollar mansion and flip it to Dr. Dre for $50 mill when you’re ready to move on. Another photo shot for Uggs – add $10 mill to the pot…walk down a runway for a few days – there’s another $2 mill…let a cosmetics company use your face – $30 million more. That bottom line? Unlike the Bundchen’s bottom, this one just keeps getting fatter.

But we are straying a bit here. Tom’s not interested in the size of his contract, only the size of his Superbowl ring collection and his place in history. So while the talking heads keep the air waves filled with talk of how little Bob Kraft is getting away with paying Brady and will Tommy finish playing under this contract or go peddle his talents elsewhere, Toms chuckling to himself knowing he’s getting paid to play a game he would suit up for free to be a part of…


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Red Sox Weird Science


Do you know how hard it is to lose ten straight ball games; its pretty hard, im willing to bet there are far more ten game winning streaks in any given year than losing. We all knew the Sox weren’t as bad as they played over that dismal stretch. Injuries be damned things like that just don’t happen and Wikipedia should consider adding a Red Sox team photo to their Aberration Page.. but we all saw it with our own eyes this 156 million dollar team did just that. In a perfect storm of, bad pitching, bad breaks and bad decisions, The Sox were in a free fall.

Brock 2

When someone had the bright idea to insert Brock Holt into the leadoff position, oh and sign Steve Drew, we will get back to that in a bit, since manning the top spot here Brock has batted .333 scored 9 runs and driven in 11. Xander Bogaerts has also taken off since that same day ( May 17) Xander’s bat has heated up .393 scored 11 and driven in 6. Bogaerts has been playing a steady SS and Holt a stellar third; now enter the panic sign Steven Drew.


Drew is immediately this team starting SS (Painful) Bogaerts slips over to third and for now Brock will man first. but don’t be fooled by the mainstreams contention that the spark plug Holt will still get regular at bats at the top of this lineup. There is no doubt that Drew The Younger is the best defensive SS on this roster. The worry is his bat and where he will hit. Big John is not going to sit his boy Drew against tough lefties; Farrell would start Stevie if Randy Johnson was on the hill. Bogaerts isn’t taking a seat for anyone and none of us would want that. Mike (Big Fuzzy) Napoli will be back at first: again rightfully so in a few days and that leave the only man who has been able to make a difference at the top of this lineup twiddling his thumbs on the bench. So what’s left a platoon with Gomes in Left? a position this career minor league infielder has never played, in what can only be described as the most challenging left field in all of baseball ? That wall humbles All Stars. JBJ is starting to swing a better bat and frankly is playing some of the best center I’ve seen since Fred Lynn so no dice. And right? That’s task could be more difficult than the former two choices.

Is having a deep roster a great thing? Yes. But having a deep roster filled with over- paid over self-valued over self-entitled journeyman is the question. And can Farrell be mad scientist enough to mix these different compounds to keep this team’s re-found chemistry in balance? And can he be Man-ager enough to do what’s best for this team.


Butchie Says: It’s About Time Red Sox


I felt a tremor in the force a few days ago – the Sox, losers of 10 straight were on edge, banged up, lost on the mound and pressing at the plate. They were looking more like 21 year old Frat Boys power drinking Jägermeister at closing time (itching to fight anyone for any reason) than the defending World Series champions.

They left the dankness that is Tropicana field (I’ll never understand why an orange juice icon wants to be associated with that joint) and walked into the sunshine that is Turner Field in Atlanta. The last cloud seemed to blow away as Clay “the Executioner” Buchholtz was pulled from the game after forking over a 6-1 lead after just three plus.
The Sox came back to take the game 8-6 – the streak was over. The next night Jon Lester was scorching mad…the hits were timely and the calls went the Sox way, winning 6-3 – two straight. The tremor grew. Lackey took the mound scattering eight and striking out nine…the pen did its job, the hits were timely and the Sox had shut out and swept Atlanta. Their first three win set of the season. The Sox jumped into the Millennium Falcon and flew home.

Fenway is where the Sox would find out if the force was with them. Ortiz was out of the lineup, Carp was limited and all three Catchers were someplace on the batting order. Lackey and Lester’s turns were up and Peavy was on the hill. The bane of this team’s existence…the back end of the rotation would need to come through to keep the dark side at bay and last night it did just that. Peavy pitched a season high eight innings, giving up just three runs, and the Sox were still in it at the end. Trailing 3-1 they scraped out 2 runs in the eighth and another in the ninth – balls fell out of gloves and hustle and guile replaced power and perfection and the Sox had won four straight.

Am I saying this is the start of a Morgan Magic like run, a charge up the standings? Are the Sox now an unstoppable rebel force set to blow up the death star that is the AL East? No…but after ten straight it’s about time this team caught a few breaks. And i needed to write something fun

May the force stay with you Red Sox Nation.


2013 Buchholtz ? Going, Going Gone


I’m seriously considering changing Buchholtz’s nick name. For years now I have used his soft physical makeup as an excuse to call him The Arm of Clay. But now I think I will just go with “ The Executioner” because Clay just hangs everything – fastballs, curves, sliders and his once confounding change up just seem to hang there in space begging to be pulverized by any and all comers – leadoff guys, cleanup hitters, Triple A Call Ups or who ever happens to be the number nine man in the opponents lineup. Until Buchholtz himself is left Hanging his head someplace around inning 5 or 6… Case in point, Edwin Encarnacion, the slugging king of Toronto, who came into the night with just one single in twenty-one ABs against “The Executioner” – that’s 0.048 lifetime. Mendoza’s up, down and across the America’s chuckle to themselves hearing numbers like that. Yet tonight, Eddy took Clay deep not once but twice.

Even when his fastball was reaching into the low 90’s there was no movement on anything; his mechanics are so out of whack he can’t hit the same arm slot two pitches in a row and the amazing command he showed this time last year looks like an ever more distant memory. What’s wrong with him? I’m not sure; it could be as complex as all in his head issues or as simple as someone changed the secret formula to Bull Frog without telling anyone. I can tell you with certainty that it’s not physical. How am I so sure? Clay has never been shy about sharing the slightest twinge – has he?

No matter the reason it has to be remedied ASAP. There is some understanding to John Farrell’s often lack of understanding of a hitters mindset but this is his area – his wheel house, and he better get to work and fix the issue…this team is going no where as long as “The Executioner” is in town.. No matter how many slick .240 hitting short stops Ben drags in off the streets. A 6.32 ERA isn’t going to make for winning baseball


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