Only Dombrowski Can Stop Vasquez

Only Dombrowski Can Stop Vasquez

Boston Red Sox catcher Christian Vazquez (7) is shown against the St. Louis Cardinals in an exhibition spring training baseball game Monday, March 9, 2015, in Jupiter, Fla. Boston won 3-0. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)


Back in the days of yore there was a saying – The only man who could hold Michel Jordan under 20 points a game is Dean Smith. After declaring himself healthy and ready to go last week at winter fest here at Foxwoods casino, Dave Dombrowski may be Christian Vazquez’s Dean Smith.


Last year at this very moment, Christian Vazquez was set to open the Red Sox season as their starting catcher. With just 55 starts under his belt the rookie had earned the respect of his Manager,the front office and most importantly his staff . The Sox had Vazquez penciled in for 140 plus games, then lighting struck and the only lineup Vazquez was penciled into was Dr. James Andrews for Tommy John. Camp hadn’t even broke and this young man with a cannon for an arm and a work ethic like Varietk season was over, leaving the Sox scrambling for ideas as to what to do behind the dish.


The answer was rushing their 2011 first round draft pick Blake Swihart to the bigs. For all intended purposes he played well and really came on after the All Star Break. Batting .303 slapping 4 of his 5 round trips and 20 of his 31 RBI after the mid summer classic. But the glove didn’t match the smi-above average bat. The command of the game and respect of the staff that Vazquez has isn’t part of Sweat’s makeup (yea I just gave him that Nic-name, its my column I’ll do what I please). But lets digress; it’s not part of his makeup, not yet anyway – I do think it will come. The arm? You can’t even put them in the same paragraph never mind the same sentence.

christian 2

Word on the street is Swihart has the job coming into camp. It’s his to lose. I think he will. The first strike tossed from behind home to second will give everyone in Fenway South pause, that first snap throw catching a sleeping vet off first bringing oooh’s and ahhh’s from the throng of snow birds in attendance will have the coaching staff wondering just how they can send this immense talent back to AAA, Will I be shocked if Vasquez starts the season down in Pawtucket? No. But I’ll be pissed off. I know Swihart has the better bat the higher slash line ceiling but I don’t care, not in this lineup. In this lineup I want the better catcher, I want the man behind the plat that gives opposing runners pause. I hope both these kids come to camp hungry and ready to prove themselves. I hope they both hit the cover off the ball. It will make Blake all the more tempting to teams in both leagues and the haul that much bigger for Dealer Dave.

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Monster Keys To the AFC Title


Monster Keys to The AFC Championship

Five straight AFC title games – let that sink in for a moment…..

Okay, lets continue, shall we. Five times in five years the Patriots have been in this position. Winning two and losing two, the luster was stripped off last seasons 45-7 drubbing of the Colts before most of us got to sleep, only to be re-polished with one of the greatest Superbowls ever played. It was just two short years ago that these same Broncos in this same building sent Brady and Belichick home early. And just two short months ago they handed them their first loss of the season. I know Bill and Tom want a bit of redemption come Sunday at 3 PM. Here are my keys to their doing just that.

A Mile High Gronking: For the first time in over a month we saw Rob Gronkowski allowed to be Rob Gronkowski. Against the Chiefs Gronk was let loose, busting up the seams and scaring Chiefs DB’s to the tune of seven grabs for 82 yards and two scores. This week expect to see more of the same.

Yac-Yac-Yac…YAC IT UP:   Now go back and sing that with the Fabulous Thunderbirds in your head. You love it…Yards after the catch are going to be a huge part in the success or failure of Sunday’s game plan. As much as it kills me to say this, I don’t want to see Steven Jackson or Brandon Bolden on the field except to pick up blitzes or be safety valves for the Patriots passing attack. The short passing game is the key to moving the chains this week. The YAC will determine the final outcome.

Get up early: Force the issue. Compel the Broncos to abandon their greatest strength – the running attack – and put the game on Peyton’s arm. Wow, I never thought I would ever think that never mind put it in a column – but that’s the ticket. This Denver rushing attack is clicking and as we know the Patriots rush D has not been stellar over the course of the season. Help out the front seven and make this a shootout. Don’t let Denver use their stretch running game to steal this one like they did the last game.

Keep Tommy Clean: while a lot of the credit to last weeks success in this area was due to the return of Julian Edelman the line did a great job keeping TB12 upright, this weeks test is going to be much tougher. Tom can’t win this game from his back.


Win the Turn over battle: Come on it’s the AFC title game; I’m not leaving that off the key ring.


Own third down: on both sides of the ball. Last weeks defensive showing on third down was abysmal as the Chiefs had a 60% efficiency rating by games end. A lot of that had to do with the legs of Alex Smith who rang up 44 of KC’s 135 rushing yards. This Sunday the Pats can’t allow the Broncos to sustain drives – get them off the field.


That’s it folks, that’s all I have to say. Last week Tom, Bill and the team turned each one of my keys and came out on top. This time of the year you need to do that, there are no skeleton keys. Every door has its own lock; you need to use them all if you want to work your way through the fun house and back to the ballroom.


Monster Keys To Patriots vs. Chiefs


Monster Keys To Patriots vs. Chiefs



Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”


Mike Tyson



That line is probably one of the most profound things ever said. Be it: War – Politics – Law or yes, in its original context sports. Once it happens you’re going to know if your plan will either work or Buster Douglas is taking home the belt. I can’t think of a team in the NFL who has been punched in the mouth this season more than The New England Patriots. And yet this team and its coach always has another plan, it may not always work out, we may not always like it or even see it, but its there. You know like Bigfoot. The plan that coach Belichick has had in mind over the past three weeks is about to unfold, that wasn’t a typo three weeks. Anyway here’s my plan A for Saturday.


Get Chippy: no not the way the Steelers and Bungles did last week, you know me better than that. The Pats need to line up tight on the Chiefs receivers, disrupt Smiths timing as they try to get to the middle of the field and limit any YAC, this key is even more important when it comes to TE Travis Kelce.


Win the Turnover battle. This week people and every week. I’ll settle for a big fat doughnut in the box score Sunday morning.


Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do: you know what I wouldn’t do? Get caught up field and let Alex Smith beat me with his legs. The D line needs to take a page out of last years Super Bowl victory, get to Smiths level and don’t let him double back through an open hole or get wide to pick up extra downs. Fat guys – stay in your lanes.


Get up quick. Get up Big: Punch KC in the mouth. This Chiefs team is not built to come from behind. If Tom can manage to get up 10 or 14 early, and help our D make them one-dimensional – all the better … hey two keys in one how about THAT.


Unleash the Beast: for the past few weeks Gronk has been held in check, not by opposing defenses, but by game plan. It’s time to let Gronk be Gronk. Let him work up the middle of the field and chew up the KC DB’s … I’m not buying the knee/back story. It’s Rest.


Edelman Amendola and LaFell – Oh My: anyone remember the last time we saw these three on the felid at the same time? Spread them out – spread them thin and get Mr. White involved. Get Keshawn to take the top off and drag corners downfield and out of the middle. I want these KC DB’s scratching their heads and asses…This is going to be fun!


That’s it my rabid readers. I know you’re saying to yourself, what do you mean that’s it? Murph you didn’t address the Running games – what about the running games? Listen, all I want from the Pats running game this week is the tough 2-3 yards to get that first and move the chains.   That’s all I’m asking. As for shutting down the Chiefs rushing attack, Jones, Hightower and Mayo need to get to the edge quick on the cutesy end rounds and sweeps KC loves to use. Okay happy now? Did I leave anything out? .Good.




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Monster Hall Of Fame Ballot


The Hall Of Fame, I don’t know if you dreamt about your induction but I did. I was nine years old when I wrote my induction speech. I wrote down who I would thank and who I thought I would go in with. Most of those names you wouldn’t know because I played little league with them, one you would. But I knew someday we would all be in the bigs and I knew we would get our day at Cooperstown. Now some forty years later I couldn’t fathom what’s going through the minds of the men on this ballot – to be at the cusp of being remembered as one of the best of the best – the greatest of all time. To be spoken about in the same breath as Williams, Ruth, Cobb and DiMaggio. I guess you need to be a nine year old to put yourself in these men’s shoes. Ignorance is bliss, but here I am – gone are the days of ignorance – gone are the hero’s I grew up watching, whether inducted or moved off the ballot. What is left are the players of my discerning eye – the men I know belong or not. The voting members of the BBWAA have ten votes. I’m going to use their outline and the Hall’s criteria. If you agree with me great, if not – even better. That’s what makes baseball the best game in the world.

1).Ken Griffey Jr , the only question is will it be 100 % , I think if the hall would allow Voters to vote for more than ten the magic 100 % might happen. until then ? nope. Welcome to the Show Junior

2) Trevor Hoffman RP : 601 Saves ? 1,133 K in 1,089 innings ? a War over 28 He’s on my ballot.

3) Mike Mussina SP : It can be argued that Mussina had a lot left in the tank when he retired at 39, he had just won 20 games and put up an ERA under 3.50,  270 Wins pitching in that era ? He’s the best pitcher not in the hall. He could have hung out got to 300 Wins, but for Love of The Game. He went home.

4) Jeff Kent, 2B: Jeff Kent is the best power hitting second baseman of his era. No second baseman has hit more HR (377) than Jeff Kent. He’s better than Sandburg better than Morgan. He’s an MVP and finished in the top 10 three other times. Three silver sluggers…better than Biggio.

5) Tim Raines, LF: There is one person I would rather have leadoff a team I owned – Ricky Henderson. That’s it. Tim Raines got on base and changed the game when he did. He had 808 stolen bases and averaged 100 runs a year and over 60 RBI as a leadoff man. If you watched Tim Raines play you know. You just know.

6) Fred Mcgriff, 1B: Until quite recently, I sat on the fence when it came to the man they called “ The Crime Dog”. What swayed me – 32/102 his career average HR and RBI numbers. Six times he finished in the top 10 in MVP voting during an era where you needed a lot more than 30 and 100 to have any chance to get the MVP. With 493 HRs, I won’t keep a man out because he fell short by 7 round trips.

7) Allen Trammell-Detroit Tigers, SS: Did you notice, the only player on my ballot who has his team next to his name is Allen Trammell. For twenty years, Allen Trammell’s name was penciled in at SS for the Tigers – Twenty. Trammell won four gold gloves (and should have won more) and was an All Star five times. Trammels sin was he played in the same era as Ripkin, Smith and Yount. Then he was lost in the explosion of the Nomar, Alex Roid and Tejada era. When I think of Allen Trammel and I think of Cooperstown, I smile and nod. That’s the real test.

8) Mike Piazza C: More HR than ANY catcher in history. ANY. A straight decade of Silver Slugger Awards, a Decade and a half of All Star games, in his prime he was in every MVP race. As a Catcher.

9) Jeff Bagwell 1B Houston Astros: for 15 years Jeff Bagwell pounded balls out of one of the most cavernous ballparks that was ever constructer (The Astro Dome) when thinking about Bagwell im shocked he was an all Star just six times, if he had played in Boston (like he should have) LA or NYC he would be in already. But he played in Houston. Now he will live forever in Cooperstown. Ask me someday how Jeff ended my baseball life.

10) Curt Schilling SP: the Post Season counts people. When the calendar turns with the leaves and the post season is on the line Curt Schilling was the man you wanted taking the mound, five times he took the hill with his team facing elimination. His team won all five of those games. Bloody Sock aside 11-2 and a 2.22 ERA in the post season. Kiss the Rings

That’s it folks I only get ten votes and I took them all, I think every one of these men deserve to be in , I know they all wont. Ain’t that a shame

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Manning HGH and Alphabet Soup


Peyton Manning HGH and Alphabet Soup



Lets get one thing straight – I don’t care if Peyton Manning took HGH back in 2011…I don’t care if he walks around the Broncos locker room with an IV bag of human growth hormone every other day. This subject matters about as much to me as the latest soccer scores that are tweeted across my timeline. You may care, you may think it’s cheating and that’s fine. I don’t. That’s not what this tiny rant is about. So you’re asking, what are we here for Murph? I can hear you – you’re asking. Well I’ll let you know. We are here because of the complete double standard that Peyton Manning is granted not only to Tom Brady but also to every single player in the history of the NFL.


So what is it? What makes Peyton and by extension his little brother so special? Why did the silver spooned Manning who never sat a minute of his football life from Pop Warner on to the Pro’s get a pass on Draft day when he was accused and settled sexual assault charges out of court while at Tennessee? That’s easy – Talent. While other QB’s across the decades have fallen in drafts because of greater transgressions like rumors of smoking weed, or instagram pictures at frat parties – you know, the things college kids do – Peyton still went number one. He was the can’t miss once in a generation QB who, even though he has more first round exits from the playoffs than any other QB in history and just one Superbowl title to his name, has lived up to that moniker. But that was then and this is now. Manning is at the end of his illustrious career – spirals that once found their way into the hands of future hall of fame wide outs have turned into fluttering ducks that find their way into the hands of apposing defensive backs. MVP seasons and Superbowl titles are a thing of the past. So why are the Alphabet Soup groups still defending the GREAT WALL OF MANNING while ripping apart the good name of Tom Brady – a man who worked for every second of playing time he ever received at every level he played?


Simple – ESPN, FOX, CBS, NBC and The NFL Network itself are now all in their own recruiting battle for Manning’s services. You see this is the end for Peyton, and while clicks from trumped up Tom Brady controversy feed these monsters and fill their coffers they know when Tom hangs it up (five years from now) he will ride off into a Brazilian sunset with The Bundchen. Not a bad way to go out. While the cash cow from Peyton on the other hand isn’t in point and click stories on their web pages, that’s too short sighted. It will be where Manning chooses to plant his butt for the next ten or twenty years. So why would you piss him off now when you want him to put you and your network on top of the ratings mountain?


Peyton is beloved and, for the most part he should be. Past transgressions be damned, he is one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever take the field. And to have his adoring throng tune in to your Sunday pre and post game shows is the W in the Alphabet Soup Bowl.


So there’s your answer my friends. What’s the difference…why the double standard? The same thing it always has been and always will be — The Bottom Line.


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Monster Keys To Pats Titians


If there were a theme song to this Patriots season it would undoubtedly be the theme song to M.A.S.H. it seems every week a new set of casualties is air lifted or trucked off to the field hospital at Gillette, Last week Dominique Easley and LeGarrette Blount were added to the now two page list of players currently lost for the season and while Devin McCourty wont be getting his ticket home from the war, he will need a few weeks in recovery before being sent back to the front. To think that this team with everything it’s gone through injury wise is still in the position they are (Atop the AFC) is nothing short of amazing. But enough of that, the Pats have another hill to take Sunday, here are my Keys





End Every Punt with an Amen-Dola : I am done with this experiment of letting unproven guys try to return punts. Return, please how about just field punts. Stick Amendola back there and have him fair catch all day. I don’t want him to take a step (yes my rabid readers if you didn’t know it Danny has been playing hurt for weeks) Danny just catch the ball.




Pass to set up the Run: don’t confuse this KEY with a lack of confidence in Brandon Bolden and James White, but when you have just two healthy running backs you want to make sure you keep them that way. Pounding either of these two into the line twenty plus times is not the recipe for a win on Sunday or the long term. Use the passing game to get the Titians D on their heels and set up these two for success. And good health.



Exploit the Middle:   the soft underbelly if this Titians D is in the defensive backfield, and the soft underbelly of that crew is in the middle of the field. Use Gronk Amendola and LaFell across the middle Sunday to move the chains.





Dog, Walker: no I’m not talking about taking your best friend out for a stroll at half time. I’m talking about hounding Titians TE Delaine Walker. With Kendall Wright most likely shelved again this week Walker will be Marcus Mariota’s go to when times get tough, and times will get tough. Disrupt Walker off the line of scrimmage and give who ever is on him some help over the top. Shut Walker down and you take away a quarter of the Titians offense.




Win the Turnover battle: hey if I didn’t put it here, Bill wouldn’t make it a point



That’s all folks, this test should not be a difficult one for the Pats to Ace, then again we all thought that about the Eagles just two weeks ago. Finally lets get through a game healthy, the last thing I want to hear on Sunday is Radar O’Riley yelling Choppers




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The Price is WRONG by Andrew “Fish” Fain

The Price is Wrong
It was so obvious even Stevie Wonder could see it (apparently Ben Charrington couldn’t). The one thing missing from the 2015 Red Sox was an ace. Yes, they had a plan that having five guys who were all 2’s, 3’s and 4’s would mean that an ace was not needed. That plan failed miserably.
Rick Porcello was worth nowhere near the money that gave him as an extension, Joe Kelly was an unmitigated disaster until he came back from the minors after being sent down, Wade Miley continued his descent into mediocrity, Clay Bucholz is a guy who can throw a no-no or give up 5 runs in the first. The only bright spots on the staff was the chance to see the three top prospects in the system, Eduardo Rodriguez, Steven Wright and Henry Owens. All three of them had their moments, but none of them has the stuff or make-up to be an ace.
So this off-season the Sox and new GM Dave Dombrowski had two options, sign a free agent from one of the best free agent pitching classes we’ve seen in a while, or trade from their excess of good youngsters (Chris Sale, Sonny Gray & Stephen Strasburg could all be available for the right package). But whichever route they chose, the Sox HAD to do something.
So on the first day of December, about a week before the Winter Meetings, strike they did when they landed the best lefty on the free agent market, David Price. He is a former Cy Young winner (he was the runner up in 2015 to Dallas Keuchel), he has pitched in the AL East for most of his career, and he led the AL in ERA last season. All that was able to land him a 7-Year deal worth $217 Million.
Now, while he is an ace, the news Red Sox fans probably do not want to hear is that over the last 4 seasons when Price has faced the Yankees, he is 6-4 with a 4.42 ERA and the Bronx Bombers hit him at a .287 clip. Not the kind of numbers you want from a guy who you are paying over $30 mil a year to. Add that to the fact that the Green Monster is pretty close to home plate, I am not so sure paying a lefty that much money to pitch his home games at Fenway

But other than the Price family, and his agent, there are two other guys who LOVE this deal. Zack Greinke and Johnny Cueto. Using Price as a baseline, Greinke, who is a better pitcher than Price, should be able to start his negotiations at 5 years and $160 million (his age precludes him from getting a 7 year deal like Price).
Meanwhile, Cueto who already turned down a 6-year $120 million deal from the D-Backs, now is in the cat-bird seat, as he should be able to get at least the 6/$135 he was asking for. He may or may not be worth it, but once Grienke signs (with either the Dodgers or Giants); Cueto becomes the best pitcher on the open market, which means some team desperate for an ace will overpay him.
But back to Price and Sox, I know I just spent the better part of this column bashing them for the way they overspent on Price, but there is a bright side. With this move, Clay Bucholz becomes a two starter, which suits him much better. Then you’ll have Rick Porcello as your three, Wade Miley as your four, and Joe Kelly, Henry Owens and Eduardo Rodriguez battling it out for the 5th spot.
They also added Craig Kimbrel to shorten it to an 8 inning game now, and all of a sudden the last place 78 win Red Sox should be the co-favorite (with the Blue Jays) to win their division. The only issue becomes what to do with Hanley Ramirez.
While his bat still plays and can be very potent, he has no spot in the field (they are going to try him at 1st Base this season), and according to my sources is also one of the more derisive personalities in the clubhouse. Not the kind of player a team with championship aspirations needs. They have been looking to try and deal him, but the issue is they gave him such a large contract that they will have to eat most of it for another team to take him, and there aren’t any teams right now looking to take him.
I have to believe that this is just an appetizer for what the Red Sox and the other 29 teams are going to do next week in Nashville. If that’s the case, the hot stove will be the perfect cure for the winter blues.

Monday Morning Michelle: Morning Notes #DomesticViolence

On July 25, 2014, one of the more famous women in sports tweeted a tweet about being forced to watch an episode of ESPN’s television program First Take. This woman, Michelle Beadle, subsequently tweeted a series of tweets wherein she said in what seemed to be a somewhat facetious manner how she learned she was now aware that she could “provoke” her own beating. She then added, “Violence isn’t the victim’s issue. To insinuate otherwise is irresponsible and disgusting. Walk. Away.” Michelle Beadle was not the only one tweeting about Stephen A. Smith’s comments made during an episode of First Take wherein he brought up how victims might provoke their attacks. I remember others in the sports industry taking exception to what Smith said during the show, First Take. Many took to the airwaves in support of victims and made declarations that domestic violence is never the victim’s fault.

Provoke – 1. To incite, to anger 2. To call forth 3. To stir up on purpose [Webster’s dictionary, the one on my desk which has no cover and I’m not exactly sure of the Ed. date]
Is it possible that a victim can in fact “provoke” an attack without being responsible for the violence? Think about it for a moment, and consider the above definition very carefully. Do people involved in relationships sometime look to stir the pot? If so, is it a conscious behavior and/or is it perhaps something that might be attributed to learned helplessness and/or some part of a cyclical dance that could possibly be unconscious? What if someone has cheated on his/her partner? Is that provocation?

Human behavior is complex and as much as we might all be different there are certain characteristics and traits that we share. Is it a victim’s fault if her intimate partner hits her? I do not think so. However, can someone provoke another to becoming violent? I do think so, but that does not mean that it justifies the act of violence. It simply means that without the provocation it might not have happened. Still, that does NOT mean the violence is justified or acceptable, or the victim should be blamed. It does mean, however, that there are certain dynamics involved in intimate partner violence that we can look to learn more about so that everyone has a clear understanding of how to establish clear boundaries. Additionally, it also means that we can look to teach the art of self-discipline and look to reinforce that even when provoked, striking your partner is NOT the answer.

One of Michelle Beadle’s tweets mentioned that she was “thinking of wearing a miniskirt this weekend” and she included a comment, “I’d hate to think what I’d be asking for.” The implication here is clear. Victims of rape were often thought to have invited their attack by wearing revealing attire. In my opinion rape is never justifiable in the same way that it is not okay for someone to strike one’s intimate partner regardless of whether or not there was any provocation. Would one who wears a miniskirt in a high crime area be asking for rape? Does a tourist who wears a camera dangling from his neck on a New York City subway ask for trouble and/or provoke robbery? You see my point is that the term “provoke” is one that can be used in different ways with different scenarios. One person’s provocation is another person’s justification and that could be where the communication breakdown lies.

Getting back to the question about whether someone can provoke an attack of domestic violence, I think that there are times when individuals do stir the pot and while I am not saying this is justification for the violence, I do think it is important that we learn the dynamics of domestic violence at the core. This could enable us to have a better understanding of how both parties might be participating in a dance or cycle which often escalates to bring forth physical violence. I also think we need to be careful not to be too hung up on words. Words can have more than one meaning and very often we fail to communicate well with others because we argue over something someone has said without truly knowing the intended meaning. Contextual issues and probing into provocative statements by entertainers can do wonders for getting to the core issue of a controversy, however, it might not make for good ratings. If we are truly mindful and concerned with the prevention of intimate partner violence then we need to focus more on the core root of the problem and understand that sometimes it might indeed take two to tango, but that does not mean anyone deserves to be hit.

Understanding propensity toward violence and how our own actions might indeed save our lives are outlined in the book, The Give of Fear, by Gavin de Becker. I recommend everyone read it.

SXM Sports

Michelle is a regular with Sports X Radio’s national sports talk radio program, has a master’s degree in Criminal Justice from Boston University, and writes an advice column for The Inscriber Magazine. You can follow her @SportSXMichelle. 

#Concussion #BostonUniversity & #DomesticViolence

I know I promised to write about non-serious topics on this site but sometimes there are issues that I am very passionate about which I believe are worthy of discussion and I thought I’d share my view about brain trauma, domestic violence and some of what I discussed while I was a student at BU. What might give me a bit of a bit of additional insight on how brain trauma might impact behavior is the reality that my son suffered a traumatic brain injury at birth, as well as, my close intimate connection with an NYPD officer that spanned the course of ten years.  Besides obtaining a master’s degree in criminal justice from Boston University, what might matter more is the reason I decided to pursue that course, in the first place.  Thank you, in advance, for reading my post.- Michelle 

I cannot remember if I mentioned how I believe that there was a great miscarriage of justice years ago when a former police officer was labeled a racist after committing a heinous crime. The reason I felt so was because that officer was never given the opportunity to show that he might have suffered from a traumatic brain injury nor does it appear were misuse of steroids examined. The officer might have been racist and I’m not condoning or dismissing this possibility. However, was the crime racially motivated to the point that it should be labeled a ‘hate crime’ or did the media rush to judgment because it believed it had the full story the same way it did when it believed Roger Goodell was a liar last year in assuming Mr. Goodell had seen the video of Ray Rice knocking out his future wife? By the way the officer was engaged to marry a bi-racial woman and there is always the chance that the crime was not a hate crime — only it’s often easier to look toward the easy path, especially when there is the promise of federal dollars on the table to work on race relations. Also probably just as difficult for the NYPD to face concussion related injuries or a problem with roid rage than it is to have a fall guy.

Of course mine is just a theory, and just because I think that the concussion related injuries that football players who play for the NYPD football team and/or hockey might be worthy of examination as possible variables in domestic violence and other heinous crimes doesn’t make me right. However, if researchers at Boston University have discovered a link between brain trauma and domestic violence then it stands to reason that brain trauma might be a significant variable in other heinous crimes such as the ones committed by this former officer or the former professional wrestler, Chris Benoit. These men might not have been monsters but might have been misusing steroids to remain competitive in their worlds. Perhaps using steroids leads to primal tendencies where racial bias might be dormant and/or triggered in some way by some other variable, such as CTE which might have been brought on by being hit in the head. It’s just a thought, and last I checked thinking was not illegal [yet].