Monday Morning Michelle: Morning Notes #DomesticViolence

On July 25, 2014, one of the more famous women in sports tweeted a tweet about being forced to watch an episode of ESPN’s television program First Take. This woman, Michelle Beadle, subsequently tweeted a series of tweets wherein she said in what seemed to be a somewhat facetious manner how she learned she was now aware that she could “provoke” her own beating. She then added, “Violence isn’t the victim’s issue. To insinuate otherwise is irresponsible and disgusting. Walk. Away.” Michelle Beadle was not the only one tweeting about Stephen A. Smith’s comments made during an episode of First Take wherein he brought up how victims might provoke their attacks. I remember others in the sports industry taking exception to what Smith said during the show, First Take. Many took to the airwaves in support of victims and made declarations that domestic violence is never the victim’s fault.

Provoke – 1. To incite, to anger 2. To call forth 3. To stir up on purpose [Webster’s dictionary, the one on my desk which has no cover and I’m not exactly sure of the Ed. date]
Is it possible that a victim can in fact “provoke” an attack without being responsible for the violence? Think about it for a moment, and consider the above definition very carefully. Do people involved in relationships sometime look to stir the pot? If so, is it a conscious behavior and/or is it perhaps something that might be attributed to learned helplessness and/or some part of a cyclical dance that could possibly be unconscious? What if someone has cheated on his/her partner? Is that provocation?

Human behavior is complex and as much as we might all be different there are certain characteristics and traits that we share. Is it a victim’s fault if her intimate partner hits her? I do not think so. However, can someone provoke another to becoming violent? I do think so, but that does not mean that it justifies the act of violence. It simply means that without the provocation it might not have happened. Still, that does NOT mean the violence is justified or acceptable, or the victim should be blamed. It does mean, however, that there are certain dynamics involved in intimate partner violence that we can look to learn more about so that everyone has a clear understanding of how to establish clear boundaries. Additionally, it also means that we can look to teach the art of self-discipline and look to reinforce that even when provoked, striking your partner is NOT the answer.

One of Michelle Beadle’s tweets mentioned that she was “thinking of wearing a miniskirt this weekend” and she included a comment, “I’d hate to think what I’d be asking for.” The implication here is clear. Victims of rape were often thought to have invited their attack by wearing revealing attire. In my opinion rape is never justifiable in the same way that it is not okay for someone to strike one’s intimate partner regardless of whether or not there was any provocation. Would one who wears a miniskirt in a high crime area be asking for rape? Does a tourist who wears a camera dangling from his neck on a New York City subway ask for trouble and/or provoke robbery? You see my point is that the term “provoke” is one that can be used in different ways with different scenarios. One person’s provocation is another person’s justification and that could be where the communication breakdown lies.

Getting back to the question about whether someone can provoke an attack of domestic violence, I think that there are times when individuals do stir the pot and while I am not saying this is justification for the violence, I do think it is important that we learn the dynamics of domestic violence at the core. This could enable us to have a better understanding of how both parties might be participating in a dance or cycle which often escalates to bring forth physical violence. I also think we need to be careful not to be too hung up on words. Words can have more than one meaning and very often we fail to communicate well with others because we argue over something someone has said without truly knowing the intended meaning. Contextual issues and probing into provocative statements by entertainers can do wonders for getting to the core issue of a controversy, however, it might not make for good ratings. If we are truly mindful and concerned with the prevention of intimate partner violence then we need to focus more on the core root of the problem and understand that sometimes it might indeed take two to tango, but that does not mean anyone deserves to be hit.

Understanding propensity toward violence and how our own actions might indeed save our lives are outlined in the book, The Give of Fear, by Gavin de Becker. I recommend everyone read it.

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Michelle is a regular with Sports X Radio’s national sports talk radio program, has a master’s degree in Criminal Justice from Boston University, and writes an advice column for The Inscriber Magazine. You can follow her @SportSXMichelle. 

#Concussion #BostonUniversity & #DomesticViolence

I know I promised to write about non-serious topics on this site but sometimes there are issues that I am very passionate about which I believe are worthy of discussion and I thought I’d share my view about brain trauma, domestic violence and some of what I discussed while I was a student at BU. What might give me a bit of a bit of additional insight on how brain trauma might impact behavior is the reality that my son suffered a traumatic brain injury at birth, as well as, my close intimate connection with an NYPD officer that spanned the course of ten years.  Besides obtaining a master’s degree in criminal justice from Boston University, what might matter more is the reason I decided to pursue that course, in the first place.  Thank you, in advance, for reading my post.- Michelle 

I cannot remember if I mentioned how I believe that there was a great miscarriage of justice years ago when a former police officer was labeled a racist after committing a heinous crime. The reason I felt so was because that officer was never given the opportunity to show that he might have suffered from a traumatic brain injury nor does it appear were misuse of steroids examined. The officer might have been racist and I’m not condoning or dismissing this possibility. However, was the crime racially motivated to the point that it should be labeled a ‘hate crime’ or did the media rush to judgment because it believed it had the full story the same way it did when it believed Roger Goodell was a liar last year in assuming Mr. Goodell had seen the video of Ray Rice knocking out his future wife? By the way the officer was engaged to marry a bi-racial woman and there is always the chance that the crime was not a hate crime — only it’s often easier to look toward the easy path, especially when there is the promise of federal dollars on the table to work on race relations. Also probably just as difficult for the NYPD to face concussion related injuries or a problem with roid rage than it is to have a fall guy.

Of course mine is just a theory, and just because I think that the concussion related injuries that football players who play for the NYPD football team and/or hockey might be worthy of examination as possible variables in domestic violence and other heinous crimes doesn’t make me right. However, if researchers at Boston University have discovered a link between brain trauma and domestic violence then it stands to reason that brain trauma might be a significant variable in other heinous crimes such as the ones committed by this former officer or the former professional wrestler, Chris Benoit. These men might not have been monsters but might have been misusing steroids to remain competitive in their worlds. Perhaps using steroids leads to primal tendencies where racial bias might be dormant and/or triggered in some way by some other variable, such as CTE which might have been brought on by being hit in the head. It’s just a thought, and last I checked thinking was not illegal [yet].



Monster Keys to Patriots vs Redskins

Monster Keys to Patriots vs Redskins




Are the Pats on to 8-0 my fiends? I don’t know, what I do know is they are on to week nine of the 2015 season with a great chance at doing just that. The Redskins come to town finding Tom Brady and company laying waste to opposing defenses. And no matter how hard the good folks over at the Four Letter Network try to tell you he sits firmly atop the Quartbacking Mountain, TB12 is king of the hill and he’s daring anyone to knock him off. Are the Skins up to that task is the question. Can they keep up with what might be the most diverse offense the NFL has seen in a decade? Can they score enough on this vastly underrated Patriots defense to keep it close and catch a lucky break? Or will they be just the next team crushed underfoot as Godzilla marches towards San Francisco? That was fun, wasn’t it? Here are my Keys to the Pats getting to 8-0






Get Out Fast: The Skins are coming off their bye and are feeling rested, hungry and prepared for this match up, Brady and his boys need to get out fast, take the wind right out of the Washington’s sails and get them chasing to scoreboard.




Kicking Cousins: I don’t know about you but I’m not kissing Kirk. Cousins has nine turnovers in seven contest this season, eight of those are INT’s tossing multiples in fours games, like last week against Miami force this game into Cousins hands and wait for him to make a mistake.



Win the turnover battle: Speaking of mistakes. Lets not make any, the Patriots have just three turnovers on the season, I would like to see that number not rise. It’s inevitable that this will happen (or is it) but lets not give Washington any extra chances to keep it close.



Don’t lose track of The Frenchmen: a lot will be made of the return of DeSean Jackson and rightfully so, but lets not forget that he isn’t the only weapon at the Redskins disposal. With Jackson back and demanding attention Garcon could give this secondary trouble. Don’t let Pierre beat you across the middle on those short to mid range crossing routes.




Get the Skins thin: I’m done people; truly I’m done asking Josh McDaniel’s and Brady to run the damn ball. Spread out this Washington D go empty backfield every down I don’t care I’m just going to enjoy the video game. Run it up through the air. Painful



That’s it folks, it’s a short but important shopping list for the Hoodie and his minions to follow this week, there’s a tough stretch coming up here and the home games left of the schedule after Sunday are few and far between, so lets get this win and send everyone at Gillette home happy.


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Amazing move by Dombrowski Picks up Option on Buchholtz


If there is one foul up that stands out in my mind among the colossal foul ups that came out of Yawkey way during the 2015 season, its the fact that Ben Cherington didn’t trade Clay Buchholtz when he had the chance. Clay was pitching well. I was being bombarded by most of my readership as to how great he was doing and how stupid I was for wanting him gone. Then BOOM the curse of the Arm of Clay struck again. Was I happy about this? No – don’t be foolish. Sometimes I hate always being right, but there we were again looking at another season lost to the Curse. In five of Buchholtz last eight seasons he has failed to make 20 starts. In none of his nine years wearing the B has he made 30 and never has he pitched 200 innings. And here we are picking up the first of two thirteen million dollar options, THIS IS GREAT.

Did I sound convincing? I tried I truly did. Some out there are saying this move is a good one for Dombrowski – even a no brainer. Buchholtz numbers when he is on and feeling good are All Star-ish – being named to that team twice since 2010 – and his career ERA (3.85) and WHIP (1.29), not to mention his salary ($13 million this year and an option at $13.5 next) will be enticing to any mid level market teams looking to “upgrade” their staff. The problem is, I don’t think anyone is dumb enough to trade anything of significance to the Sox for Clay. Thirteen million dollars for a 200-inning man is a deal, thirteen million for a guy who takes half of every season off in one form or another is not. You-I-We can’t be the only people to see this. GM’s around the league know this is a prorated 13 mill. If you’re paying Pedro or even Roger Clements for half a season that’s a great number – if it’s attached to the Arm Of Clay – not so much.

The time to trade Buchholtz and his options was last June, not this off-season. His thirteen million could have been used to bring in a top of the rotation free agent or at least (as creative accounting in money saved here) to help eat $10 or so million of Hanley Ramirez’ contract. Dombrowski panicked, he didn’t want to let a man with friendly options walk when he thinks he can get something for that asset. The problems are he may be stuck with that asset going into this season, further deflating his trade value and taking up a spot in this rotation that could be better used by…hell anyone else. But I promised you in the title of this column that this was a good thing. We did get to spend this time together that was nice.

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Monster Keys to Patriots Dolphins



Well, here we are people – still flying high on a big division win over the Jets, and here come the Phins. Those of us old enough to remember when the Dolphins were relevant understand why this is always so personal. If you grew up in the 70’s you had to endure that one kid in class who would never let you forget the “Perfect Season” in 1972 and back-to-back Superbowl wins in 72 & 73. Then there were the insufferable Marino years, which, if you listen to any Dolphins fan, is the greatest QB of all time. It’s painful people, just painful. The man never won a damn thing. At least JETS fans live in the Tri-state area. Dolphin’s fans (the original bandwagon pink hats of the world) are spread across the country, popping up like annoying garden gnomes every time your local team faces the Phins, six Dolphins flags are hung in your town and you have to explain to your 5 year old why someone who lives where you do would ever be a Dolphins fan. They were “raised wrong” son . So you get it, I know. Now we get Soup Campbell and his Rah-Rah High School musical version of the Fish coming to town. Coming off two wins, He’s worked his team and fan base into pep-rally frenzy, well the Bon Fire goes out tonight. Lets get to my keys to Patriots Victory.


Pick your Poison:   The poison the Patriots should choose is Ryan Tannehill. Shutting down Lamar Miller needs to be the focus tonight. Don’t allow Campbell to use Miller to dictate the pace of this game. Force it into Tannehill’s hands by stopping this Dolphins rushing attack. While last week the Pats had to fill the gaps to shut down Chris Ivory Miller will take it to the edge and make you pay if you’re late getting there. Ninkovich and Chandler Jones are going to need to set that edge letting Hightower, Collins and company close any gates or windows Miller tries to squeak through and around.



Limit the Laundry:   While last weeks test against the Jets formidable D-Line was passed with flying colors, this weeks match-up is something quite different. The Dolphins are working a speed rush system and this young piece-worked Patriots offensive line needs to limit the penalties that negate positive plays and push Tom into longer marches for first downs.


Discipline the problem Child: “Who’s the problem child Murph?”   Great question – you guys always ask great questions. Cameron Wake – that’s who. With six sacks in the last two weeks no one is enjoying this new Dolphins attitude more than Wake is. How do you combat that? Simple – run at him and screen past him. While we didn’t see the Patriots use their running backs at all last week expect a heavy dosage or Blount and Lewis or Mr. White Thursday night. Force Wake to respect the run and not run amuck in Brady’s front yard.


Push The Red Button: I love pushing the red button don’t you? That’s right folks this is going to be a Fast and Furious night for the Patriots offense. Get to the line quick, get the ball out quick, and run up the score quick. I want to see Wake Suh and the rest of the Dolphins D sucking wind and begging for O2 after every Patriots Score.


Win that Turnover Battle: The Dolphins have created five turnovers and scored two TD off INT’s, both by Rashad Jones over the past two weeks, don’t let this happen.


A Good Gronking:   Here is an example where Stats lie.   Miami, on paper, is one of the better teams in the league at defending opposing Tight Ends. Thing is, they haven’t faced many and when they have (Red Skins, Bills and Titians) the opposition has racked up 250 yards and two scores. I expect to see a lot of Gronk down the seams Thursday night.


That’s it folks, those are my keys to The Pats keeping it perfect and putting out the Dolphins bon fires. It always looks simple on paper and most of the time the Hoodie & Co. make me look good on the field, lets hope it works out tonight and we can all enjoy a long weekend at 7-0.



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Monster Keys to Patriots Jets




Lets get a few things straight before we get into the X’s and O’s of this weeks match up. I hate the Jets. Most teams the Patriots face – be it in week three or the Superbowl – I at least have a modicum of respect for. Gang Green, their fan base, and to be honest most of – wait scratch that – close to all of the Jets beat guys and columnists I can’t stand to look at. If there is a smarmier group of misanthropes and reprobates on the planet I’m glad I haven’t met them. So it pains me to say this. The Jets may be the best team the Patriots will face this year. The Pats are taking on an entirely new animal in this incarnation of Gang Green and I for one am glad they didn’t blow out the Colts a week ago as Brady and crew will need to bring their edge to this game and leave nothing in the locker room on Sunday. This is going to be a great game as the Jets bring the leagues stingiest D (15 points a game) to face the Patriots number one scoring offense at over 36 points per contest. But enough of my vitriol lets get to my Keys to Patriots victory.


Take This Job and SHOVE it: Yes I’m offering this gig up to the Patriots depleted offensive line. Mohamed Wilkerson, Leonard Williams, Sheldon Richardson and company are going to look to get in Tom Brady’s face from the get go. This team knows the way to frustrate Bray is to force pressure up the middle. What the Patriots offensive line is going to have to do is not only give Brady time to get the ball out quickly but to step up in the pocket. No matter what rotation of personnel the mad scientists use on Sunday, they need to shove the Jets pass rushers to the outside and keep the middle clear allowing Brady to step up in the pocket and find his targets.


Spread Them Thin: There isn’t much sense in pounding Blount into this line time and again Sunday.   What the Pats need to do is take a page out of the Super Bowl XLIX book and spread this Jets D out and open up space underneath for Edelman Amendola and Dion Lewis to operate. Let the YAC move the chains this week.


Feed the Monster: Rob Gronkowski was quiet last week – quiet for Rob Gronkowski world. This week Brady needs to hit Gronk early and get him into a rhythm, and into the end zone.


Control Third Down:   The Pats D needs to keep getting off the field on third downs, get the ball back into TB12 hands and get the score rolled up early.


Force Fitzpatrick To Throw:   Running it up early will give the Patriots D the edge it needs Sunday. That edge is forcing the Jets to abandon the run and have to play catch-up. Let the pass rush force the Jets QB out of the pocket and into the bad decisions he always seems to make.


Win the Turnover Battle: Did you think I was going to forget? You did, din’t you? Both these teams are way up in the plus column this season when it comes to turnovers. The Pats need to come out on top in this category Sunday afternoon.


That’s it folks.   Make no mistake this will be no cakewalk – the Jets will get theirs. This team is talented on both sides of the ball. Brandon Marshall has been more than anyone in Jersey could have hoped for and Chris Ivory has taken to Todd Bowles system like few other backs could. The Pats are going to need to be on point with all my keys here and a few I’m sure Bill has pointed out that I’m not bright enough to see. It’s going to be a close one, but I see the Pats coming out of this one 6-0.


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Monster Keys to Patriots Colts



My friends, I give you all Colts Week – Revenge Week – Redemption Week. No matter what you call it, its finally here. The game you and I have all had circled since the schedule came out. The game you and I have all wanted since Bob Kravitz and his sources dropped this non-story at halftime of the AFC Championship Game. Call it what you will, its here. Patriots owners, coaches, player’s, ball boys and locker room attendants will deny it. It’s another game they’ll say; we are focusing on this like any other game on the schedule they’ll tell you. Don’t buy it for a minute. This one means something more. Tom Brady has been walking through the NFL landscape with a flamethrower and now his Scorched Earth tour makes it’s biggest stop in a stadium as if it needed any accelerant appropriately named Lucas Oil. Kind of poetic don’t you think. Thanks for letting me ramble on people, lets get to my keys.


Don’t Get Blind Sided: The Pats have used eleven different O line combinations this season. ELEVEN. Now with Nate Solder out for the season, options and skill level on that line decrease – whether its Marcus Cannon, Sebastian Volmer, or who ever Bill and Googs slip into the Left Tackle spot. Keeping Tom’s blind side protected is crucial on Sunday.


Open Old Wounds: The Colts rush D has been so pathetic it put Jonas Gray on the cover of Sports illustrated. In the past three meetings against the colts the Patriots have 657 rushing yards – starting to see my point here? The Pats don’t need to run the ball Sunday to beat this Colts team, but they should and will. Make this young Colts line and front seven respect the run. Then, Dot Dot Dot


Open it up: Make no mistake people, while running the ball is going to play into Sundays contest, this is going to be the TB12 show. Since this entire fiasco began Tom has had his mind on his reputation and his reputation on his mind. Expect Brady to exploit this suspect group of Colts linebackers with his arm and his Gronkowski.


Don’t Wait for the Luck to Run Out: Sooner or later, Luck will make a mistake or three. He always does – but rushing him from the edge and stunting him up the middle with pressure is the surest way to force that issue. Expect to see a heavy dose of Collins and Sheard in the Colts backfield on Sunday.


Book a Suite: T.Y Hilton is still the number one weapon in Andrew Luck’s arsenal. Chuck this man at the line and keep him from hitting his spots. Force Luck to check down to second and third hotel options, of which he has none.


Win the Turnover Battle: the Colts only hope to keep this thing close is to turn the Pats over. To this point the Patriots have excelled in taking care of the ball, but the Colts D will be trying to hawk it every chance they get. Tom needs to keep doing that thing he’s done all season and not throw to the wrong colored jersey, and Lewis can’t put the ball on the carpet.


That’s it folks. We are done here. Looks easy enough, doesn’t it? But trust me, Pagano and his crew are trying to make it as difficult as possible. They have been embarrassed by the Patriots time and again during the Suck for Luck era and their only solution to this point is to leak bad information to the media to try and deflect from their failures. Let’s not forget hanging (we got there banners) to appease the fan base.


Colts Pride

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Monster Keys to Patriots Cowboys


The Patriots match up with the Cowboys was supposed to be a “Test Week” for New England but injuries have hot the Cowboys hard. Dez Bryant went down early, as did Tony Romo and now the Boys version of Shane Vereen: Lance Dunbar is done for the season. On the surface it looks like the professor has tossed out this Sundays test but I’m not buying. I fully expect this Sundays meeting with Dallas to be a knock down drag out battle worthy of Bill Bellichicks and My late night study habits. Here are my keys to Patriots victory in Dallas.

Stuff It: Last season Dallas had the top running game in the NFL, but with Demarco Murray gone to Philly that lofty pedestal seems to have been lowered. Much of this can be attributed to a lack of commitment to the run, I see the Boys rededicate themselves to this pounding style of game Sunday behind Joseph Randle and Daren McFadden. The line need to be fat up the middle to close any holes this Dallas front line opens up and the linebackers quick to the ball as the ends set the edge.

Don’t go into the Woods Alone: I know Dallas doesn’t look like Camp Crystal Lake but Jason is out there. While TE Jason Witten hasn’t gotten into the end zone since he put up 2 scores against the Giants week one he has been racking up yards and moving the chains, this D needs to move quick when Brandon Weeden looks Jason’s way or Sunday could look like Friday the thirteenth.

Don’t get left Behind: Yes I’m talking to the Patriots DB’s. With Dez out Terrence Williams is the Cowboys deep threat. McCourty is going to have to help over the top to keep Williams in check and out of the end zone Sunday.

Pound It: while the Dallas O-line is one of the best in the league their counterparts on the defensive side have given up close to 250 yards and four scores over the past two games. Bill needs to slam this Dallas front with Blount and Lewis and eat up turf,

Win The turnover Battle: Every week people. This is the most underrated stat in the box score.

Lets Play Lotto: 8-5-1-3-2-31 Power Ball 12 : the first five numbers are the catches made by Gronk and company week three. The Power ball is obviously Tom Brady. Tom needs to keep spreading the ball around this week. To get to that big number 31 to pop up on the scoreboard


That’s it people. Looks pretty simple. On paper. Not so much when it counts. But I know the Hoodie will have the guys ready for this week’s trip and come home 4-0.

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Red Sox Dombrowski Has No Balls – One Strike


There is an old saying in sports. You can’t lose your job because of injury. But I guess you can save it. Red Sox manager John Farrell’s injury came this season in a battle with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. That battle also came in the midst of another battle, to not finish in last place in the AL East. Thankfully he won the former. The later however is a battle that a team with a payroll north of 170 million dollars should never face but was one Farrell has waged and lost two seasons in a row. So why not bring him back for a shot at three? Ill tell you why. He Can’t Manage. It’s not a sin; it’s not a crime against humanity. It’s not kicking a man while he’s down, It’s just the truth. John Farrell is a Bad Manager.

In 2013 Farrell came into a Red Sox clubhouse as the familial force, the prodigal son returning to take over the family biz and right the ship that Crazy Uncle Larry had crashed on the rocks by hiring his buddy Bobby V. and it worked. The Sox rode the wave of Big John and the tragic #BostonStrong circumstances of the Marathon bombing to a 97-65 record, an AL East Div crown and just to end that year as storybook as can be, as World Series Champions.

Then the wheels came off. The Farrell led Sox started the 2014 season hung over, contract-embattled philosophically stunted and entitled, not a recipe for success and by Julys deadline looking to trade assets they had no intention of bringing back. The Sox went from worst to first to worst with a record of 71-91 just two games better than Crazy uncle Larry’s, Bobby V led 2012 team. 2015 had to be better right? We all know it wasn’t. Even with a huge influx in cash spent by the team well before the trade deadline we all knew Farrell was still the Manager of a last place team and that’s exactly where they finished. The seven games better in the standings don’t mean a thing when you’re still looking up at Tampa – Baltimore and New York. Teams that I don’t care how pessimistically you looked at this Red Sox roster on opening day you have to admit weren’t as good as Boston’s. And yet here we are again looking up at Tampa, Baltimore and New York for a second straight year.

What did make a difference was the job interim Manager Torey Lovullo did in his absence. Under Lovullo the Sox were eight games over .500 truthfully he had the advantage of zero pressure and not having to play Hanley Ramirez in left but there seemed to be something more to it. With Lovullo filling out the line-up card every day, starters did their jobs the bull pen settled down and did its and most importantly the kids hit and played D. Betts, Bradley and Castillo all finished the season on upswings both at the plate and in the field. Travis Shaw made his play for a starting Job at first next spring and Even Xander Bogaerts who had a fine season over all stats took an up tic under Lovullo. But hey that means nothing when you’re battling a public image problem as big as the Red Sox brass is right now.

So sure lets force this non-move on your new President/GM/Czar and  bring back the man with a managerial record of 246-243, lets bring back the man who by all accounts from not only here but his stint at the helm in Toronto cant relate to young players coming up and sure lets bring back the man because you’re afraid to offer the job to his best friend. John Henry be dammed Dombrowski  should have offered this job to Lovullo, if he didn’t accept it that would have been his poor decision. I can respect Lovullos’ respect for his friend Farrell, but it would be a mistake on his part. If he turned it down move on and offer it to someone else. Someone who fits the direction this team is going in. Because after three seasons its obvious to this writer John Farrell doesn’t fit. He wasn’t meant for this job. You know it, I know it and Dave Dombrowski knows it. 0-1 count Dave. No Balls One Strike

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Monster Keys to Pats vs Jags

more Gronk

I don’t care how you pronounce Jaguars I really don’t. The only thing I care about is how to beat them. The Pats are coming off a stellar offensive performance in Buffalo where Tom Brady threw for 466 yards and another 3 touchdowns. Contrary to popular belief, Brady spread the ball around quite a bit last Sunday. This was more than the Gronk-Edelman show. Completing passes to eleven different players, it was truly Brady being Brady. I’ll take what you give me, move the chains and before you know it, your down twenty one, leaving you wondering how the hell did that happened. But enough about last week – the Pats are onto the Jaguars or is it Jaguars? Hell here’s my keys to beating Jacksonville.

“Dance with the One who Brung you” – Darrell Royal. I love that quote. And that’s exactly what the Pats should do this week against Jacksonville, dance their way down the field on the arm of Tom Brady and this quick strike, let the YAC be your running attack approach.

Win the Turnover Battle. Yes my rabid readers, its week three and I’m not going to wait for week four to pull the turnover card. Tom hasn’t tossed an INT yet but Dion Lewis has put the ball on the carpet a time or two. This Jacksonville team will be hungry to prove themselves this week and a sure fire way to do it is to create turnovers. Hold onto the ball.

Don’t get beat Deep. WR Allen Robison tore apart a very good Dolphins secondary last week, catching 6-of-12 targets for 155 yards and two touchdowns in Sunday’s 23-20 win, including a 46 yard score. His running mate Allen Hurns has pulled down nine of his eleven targets for 128 yards in the first two games of the year. We all know what the soft underbelly of this Patriots team is.

Rattle Blake’s Cage. In week one, the Panthers spent the day in Blake Bortles face, sacking the second year QB five times, forcing him into two interceptions and came away with a 20-9 win. In week two, the Dolphins didn’t sack Bortles at all, and limped back to Miami 1-1. This is going to be tricky since once again Bortles is a QB you want to contain in the pocket. But as we saw last week in the first half against the Bills, it isn’t a task that’s beyond this Patriots D.

Play 60. Yes folks, lets take the advice the NFL gives kids and play an entire sixty minuets. Two weeks in a row the Pats have let teams make things interesting in the forth quarter. I’d like to be relaxing – the forth is for fans. You guys are still on the clock.

That’s it people. Those are my keys to week 3 and the Pats going to 3-0. I’m not worried about this team looking past Jacksonville. I’m not concerned that a Bill Belichick team will try to get to their bye week a few hours early. The Hoodie will have them focused and ready for Sunday. These guys just need to execute.

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